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Learn how your team behaves

Panopy behaviour games help uncover individuals’ strengths and team behaviour

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When leading a team how much do we really know beyond our own experience?

Panopy is a series of games which give team members and leaders insights to build inclusive teams where everyone can thrive.

Our approach is simple

Everyone plays behaviour games

Insights are generated to develop against

Play games again to track progress

Learn how

Everyone plays behaviour games

Play games

Everyone plays games and answers questions about themselves, others and the team.

Insights are generated to develop against

Get insights

The team receives personalised insights on their unique strengths.

Transparency is gained

Improve team performance

Panopy generates a snapshot of team behaviour so leaders can gain transparency on their team and identify areas to improve. Play Panopy again to track progress.

What customers say about us

Team insights enabled me to validate if some of my instincts about the team's informal networks were backed by evidence. It showed me things I previously didn’t see.

Dora, Head of People, Fintech Startup

Having a framework to think about “how” I work made me stop and think about what I could develop. I noticed other people shifting their behaviours too!

Eliza, Product Lead, Design Tech Business

It’s interesting to see what we thought were one another's strengths and get specific feedback against my growth objectives.

Alistair, Account Director, Creative Agency

If you are interested in learning more about Panopy and discussing a trial with your team, sign-up for more information.