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Coaching with Panopy

Panopy can support learning cycles in your 1-to-1s with insight to stimulate self development conversations.

Questions to ask

Having played Panopy games, was there anything surprising you found in your insight report?

How did your insight report make you feel and think? Has it made you do anything differently?

Has the perception of the team made you think differently about your strengths?

Do your self perception and how you are perceived by others align?

Have you learnt anything new about yourself that you would like to develop?

Would you like to track any aspect of yourself? Set goals?

Coaching techniques

Looking and Listening
Active listening and observing of your team members non-verbal communication can build understanding.

Ask open questions and be curious to help team members find answers for themselves.

If you perceive something you can simply ask if you are understanding them correctly. Play back what you hear as a way to validate understanding.

Recognise team members emotions and sensitivity and see things from their point of view.

Be conscious of your intuitive feel for where to take the conversation and allow for flexibility.

Create a log of coaching conversations, to help track progress with your team member.