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The app that helps you know thyself and thy team

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Identify Strengths

Panopy helps you and your team members uncover how you are perceived through short quizzes.

Self Exploration

Others' Perception

Team Health

Learn about your preferences and personality. We provide tests and quizzes based on psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics so you can learn more about yourself and uncover your hidden aspects.

89% of Panopy users report uncovering hidden strengths




Personality test based on Big Five factor model

Behavioural strengths assessment based on proprietary framework

Team roles profile

Develop Behaviours & Skills

Panopy helps you and your team members develop through self-directed learning.

More inclusive culture

Higher performance

Increased awareness of each others’ strengths helps team members create a culture where everyone feels included. Our rich database of development advice helps team members adopt new behaviours.

Since using Panopy I am more aware of the behaviours I display and strive to achieve the behavioural change I am aiming for.

Tom, Software Developer


“a great place to be at”

Panopy quantifies what has previously been intangible and provides your team with a snapshot of its culture.

This helps team members communicate the team’s strengths to others in a transparent manner and facilitates alignment amongst team members.

Products & Pricing

Kickstart a learning process

Team Workshop
Equip your team for growth

Create a snapshot of how your team is doing.

All team members use Panopy for five cycles (weekly or fortnightly). Cycles conclude with a customized report identifying individual and team strengths and providing development suggestions.

A free first cycle allows your team to try the product and includes a 30 minute question and answer video call.

A full subscription includes 5 cycles for only £25 per person (excl. VAT) with unlimited access to reports.

Our web app is simple to use and requires no downloads, no installs!

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