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Uncover your behavioural profile at work

Empower yourself and your team members to work better together.

Identify strengths

Panopy App helps you and your team members uncover how you are perceived. All it takes is 5 minutes and a few short quizzes.

Self Exploration

Others' Perception

Team Health

Learn how you are perceived by your team members. We provide the right level of anonymity and structure in our quizzes. Endorsements and feedback are easy to give yet remain meaningful and relevant.

I never knew my colleagues perceive me as a strong listener. Now I have it black on white!

James, UX Designer

Develop behaviours

Panopy App helps you and your team members develop. Get development suggestion to help you reflect on your behaviours and improve how you are perceived.

New behaviours

Higher performance

Awareness of each others’ strengths helps team members reflect. Our targeted development advice helps team members adopt new behaviours.

Since using Panopy I am aware of my behaviours helping me achieve the behavioural change I am aiming for.

Tom, Software Developer

Snapshot Product

Create a snapshot of team health and behaviours:

  • Team members use Panopy App for five cycles.
  • Team members receive customized reports.
  • Team members receive development suggestions.
  • Simple to use and gamified.
  • Requires no downloads, no installs!

How it works:

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